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Saturday, March 30, 2013


It is always intriguing to see how a top interior designer moves fluidly from creating homes in leisure communities in Florida and Martha’s Vinyard to the requirements of big city living. Somehow, Gil Walsh of Gil Walsh Interiors has managed it with aplomb………and in the process designed a 5,000 square foot New York City duplex apartment in a contemporary style, but with timeless sophistication.

Beyond the obvious comfort and tranquility considerations, two requirements were paramount. First the new design had to incorporate a growing and ever-changing collection of top level art. To accommodate this, Walsh and her team used light colored walls that would give any piece its full due against a highly versatile backdrop……and in some cases, oak parquet squares were used as most unconventional but highly effective wall treatments.

And secondly the exquisite view of the Manhattan skyline had to be front and center……especially on a clear, calm, moonlit evening.  Therefore Walsh kept window treatments to a minimum……..allowing only enough to give her clients privacy when needed.  Talk about rooms with a view….these are to swoon over.

The midtown location – Manhattan’s UN Plaza – is perfectly situated for easy access to all of the best that the city has to offer, while coming home offers Gil Walsh’s clients instant serenity and surroundings in which to unwind and relax in optimum style.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Eastville, MA • Historic Renovation • Shingle Style • 1999–2003

This 6,000 square foot turn of the century home has its own
boat house, drying garden and garage with an apartment, all
overlooking the Vineyard Sound in Eastville. It was purchased
by a family who recognized the potential for this home to be
brought back to life.

GWI spearheaded the establishment of a true teamwork between
the architect, builder, interior designer and family. Over
the course of several years, this home was brought back to life.
Now glorious, the home welcomes all visitors to the island who
enter the Vineyard Haven harbor and the Oak Bluffs Harbor.

Integration was a theme of this project. GWI worked to enhance and highlight the original architecture and craftsmanship
of the home and to integrate furniture pieces from the client’s
home in Pittsburgh, as well as many furnishings that were acquired
with the purchase of the home. New pieces were selected
as needed.

Lighter colored fabrics were used to brighten the interiors and
at the same time contrasted to the darker woods that originally
clad the walls. Local craftsmen were identified and retained to
refurbish many items. The successful integration of turn of the
century with new and old pieces acquired over time creates
the feel that the home is a true treasure and reflects both the
history of the location and the history of the family.

The home, lovingly restored inside and out, is host to many
family events, weddings and even presidential fundraisers for
our current President, Barack Obama.

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Home by the Water - Chilmark Style

 A Home by the Water – Chilmark Style
Whenever we think of a home by the water, we think of the sound of the surf, the warm gentle breezes of summer, and a view of endless sky.
We also think of easy living spaces with at least the appearance of casual style and furnishings and art randomly selected over the years.  That is the magic that designer Gil Walsh brought to a Chilmark, Massachusetts home that her client asked her to collaborate on.

Hardly a rustic beach shack, this 7,000 square foot home was newly built
with all the amenities that allow for year round living.  Walsh worked closely with the architect (add name) and the homeowner to create a seamless whole that would reflect the essential spirit that she knew through instinct and experience her clients were looking for.

She says, “ In addition to working on the layout of the rooms to maximize light and views, it was thrilling to discover that the clients had a trove of heirloom furniture, furnishings and art that we could combine with newer pieces, giving the overall scheme depth and texture that it would not have otherwise have had. In the process we were able to subtly shift a few of the walls to accommodate some of the d├ęcor……a rare luxury that  helped make the end result even more special.”

Based in Florida and Massachusetts, Gil Walsh specializes in creating highly personal home environments that are as satisfying for their lucky homeowners as they are for any of us lucky enough to visit.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Michael Wolk is one of Americas leading designers of corporate, residential and hospitality interiors, as well as furniture and furnishings collections for many
of the country’s most prestigious manufacturers. His award-winning work has been published in numerous regional, national and international publications.

Most of his current work is neo modern or contemporary, but in past years he has designed many soft contemporary and transitional homes like the 4000 square foot Mosaic apartment.
This interior blends contemporary and traditional design to create an asymmetrical balance. The views of the intercoastal waterways and the family antiques add  warmth to this home.

“Making design matter” is the philosophy that permeates Michael Wolk Design Associates. His mantra is “I don’t restrict the definition of what avenues a designer can pursue.”

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Thursday, March 14, 2013


One of  Michael Wolk Design Associates newest projects is a 6000 square foot three story penthouse in South Beach, Miami. The architectural detail was Deco inspired as many of the Miami Beach buildings are; the furnishings in contrast are Euro-contemporary.

The wide planked oak flooring covers most of the downstairs, which includes a dining room, living room and study.

Outdoors Mr. Wolk created a modern gazebo effect with aluminum, oversized beams secured by wood posts and mahogany wood decking. This lanai with ocean view is now comfortably used for entertaining and sunning as the beam structure reduces the wind velocity.

Michael Wolk is one of Americas leading designers of corporate, residential and hospitality interiors, as well as furniture and furnishings collections for many
of the country’s most prestigious manufacturers. His award-winning work has been published in numerous regional, national and international publications.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013


The renowned mid 20th century architect Florence Knoll designed this classic Miami home, which over the decades saw numerous renovations and eventually disrepair. A new owner called on Michael Wolk to undertake a thorough renovation of the house, which he did after careful research to uncover Knoll’s plans for the original structure. What emerged was a Gables Estate home that reflected the spirit and style of the original house, updated for today’s living. Known for his collections of classic contemporary furniture designs, Mr. Wolk furnished the rooms of the house using many pieces from his own collections…….a perfect fit given the house’s very special provenance.

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Sunday, March 10, 2013


Wood has always been one of my favorite materials both in architecture and interior design. It is not only valuable for its sturdiness, but also for its versatility. And it can completely transform a room when used in the right manner.

Choosing wood for your interior design is a smart and sophisticated choice, because wood can be versatile, yet it is very steady and sturdy. 

We think most things look—and feel—better once they're worn in, especially wood!

Wood can be a real reliever when it comes to contemporary interior design. It can be calming, it can be sturdy it can be welcoming, and it is all natural.

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