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Saturday, October 27, 2012


The idea of loft living has become appealing and desirable to increasing numbers of young people, worldwide. To begin with, what really is a loft? The standard English dictionary defines it as “a large, usually un-partitioned floor over a factory, warehouse, or other industrial space.” It is indeed like a large studio, with no separation between rooms. Sometimes, there is an extra floor or sleeping area on top of the room, in order to maximize space, rather than an extra room on the side. The lack of walls and other types of dividers makes it trickier to create separate spaces, such as the kitchen area, dining area, living area, etc. within a large room.

As I wrote in two previous posts, loft homes are hubs of artists, professionals and even urban families. They offer a wonderful refuge with liberal breathing space and infinite design possibilities. The wide open space inspires the occupants to think creatively and splurge on design ideas. It is quite critical that these urban havens be designed according to strict preferences and personality-based specifications.
Now, I have these six new loft spaces I just had to share!

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

MEET PROJECT DECOR: Your One Stop Decorating Site

I found a dynamic digital doorway to the world’s best contemporary design and home furnishings, Project Décor is source and resource all in one. It helps design fans decorate their way to the home of their dreams. As a meeting place for the design savvy, it encourages fans to share and compare ideas with interested family and friends. As a design zine, it inspires design fans to discover what the pros know, explore new and classic products, and keep up with the next wave of design stars. As an on-line design store and more, it lets design fans mix and remix items from the world’s leading designers and brands to get a room just so—and then get the actual pieces home.
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In partnership with the world’s best established and emerging home furnishing brands—Knoll, Jonathan Adler, Richard Schultz, Bernhardt Design, Orrefors, Kosta Boda, Area, Gaia and Gino, Merida, and more—Project Décor brings design to your door.

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Even furnishing ideas for your home office. And you can just click and buy the products. 
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Monday, October 8, 2012

Michael Wolk as Featured in LUXE Magazine

Michael Wolk, one of my favorite South Florida Designers is featured in this LUXE Magazine spread.
The home is a sophisticated and vibrant interior that complements the enchanting exterior. The home is situated on a two acre site overlooking the waterways of South Florida.
 It's a South American modernist feel with lots of texture, color, and a tropical sensibility.

Although the pale neutrals play off dark wood castings and detailing, the bright artwork and accessories throughout pop with color.

A column wrapped in coral mosaics highlights the pool.

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The master bedroom glows in a golden yellow.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012



Whether you’re in search of an urban adventure or a tropical getaway, satisfy your wanderlust in eco-friendly style.

 (and  photo of bedroom below)

It’s been some time now since going green at hotels and restaurants meant getting grungy. Today, palapa-roofed eco-lodges have ceded much of their environmentally friendly ground to luxe retreats created by top designers. And while token gestures like a recycling bin under the desk might have once been enough, today’s green-thinking jet-setters demand much more rigorous eco bona fides. Some of these enhancements—rainwater catchment systems, say—are invisible to guests (as well they should be). But others not only improve the hotel’s or restaurant’s environmental impact, they go a long way toward improving the guest experience, too. These are some of my favorite picks from Architectural Digest.

 Conceived by design partners Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku as an ode to haute couture, the white-on-white space at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.
    Twenty Five Lusk, San Francisco
      Brushstroke, New York hired Japanese design firm Super Potato to mastermind it's refit. Featuring natural stone, reclaimed timber, and salvaged steel, the restaurant finds its focal point in the bar area, where a wall fashioned from 25,000 irregularly stacked books, pages facing outward, gives the impression of richly textured wood parquet.

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