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Sunday, July 29, 2012


Hello, everyone! It's Mari here from, a fabulous online community where #interior #designers from around the world can show their work and design enthusiasts can find "Interior Design Ideas", . As part of my job, I often have the pleasure of visiting lovely blogs like  DesignSense to share some of the great spaces I've discovered.

Today's guest post is about cool indoor-outdoor living spaces. For your inspiration, here are eight beautiful and extremely functional designs that blur or entirely erase, the line between inside and out. Please enjoy!

This Australian home (above) takes advantage of a breathtaking coastal view with comfortable indoor-outdoor spaces like this one. Earthy poufs add extra seating and fit beautifully into this organic design.



Above is a sliding garage door that opens up this living area to the great outdoors and at the same time adds a contemporary industrial feel to the space. I love the contrast of open and airy with dark and moody furnishings, floors and architectural elements.

What a lovely bedroom design with an expansive adjacent outdoor space. Surrounded by greenery, it's a relaxing retreat one might never wish to leave.

This inviting home offers dining indoors or alfresco. As the sun filters through from the densely shaded patio it fills the dining room with soft shadowed light.

Perhaps the most dramatic of our indoor-outdoor spaces, this bedroom has it's alló fireplace, comfortable bed and seating (both inside and out) and a swimming pool that flows under a stunning floor of glass.


A peaceful contemporary bath open the deck outside seems to be the ultimate bathing retreat. The wood elements bring a warm organic feel to the hard edges of this room. 



Designed by Greg Natale, this colorful and captivating indoor-outdoor space is situated at the back of one of my favorite homes. It's simply brimming with interior design ideas--a lovely mix of colors and patterns.

When these massive glass doors are folded back the line between indoors and out is effectively erased and this eclectic "Living Room Designs" space becomes one with the spacious deck and swimming pool beyond. 

Do you have any cool indoor-outdoor living ideas? Let us know in the comments and don't forget to check out Design Shuffle for more cool interior design inspiration! http://www.designshuffle.

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Friday, July 27, 2012


Is everyone looking for a splash of color, after the Fall Fashion Shows??
 Interior designers say: versatile neutrals are still here — 
but dressed up with a pop of color.

Cocooning is a buzz word in the interior design world. Everyone is entertaining more at home….and sectionals work!

Professionals say that sectional sofas are back for an inviting and warm space for your friends and family.

#Interiors by Michael Wolk #Design Associates

#Interiors by #Michael Wolk Design Assoicates.

Another trend for Fall 2012 is leather; never underestimate the elegant durability of leather.
Leather is a major force in the industry for its performance and it’s luxurious — and it can accommodate any lifestyle.
A leather sofa, for instance, works perfectly for a family with small children. (It’s easy to clean). It also works for a hip bachelor pad. Modern or traditional leather works.
Another perk is that leather lasts four times longer than any other fabric.

#Leather Tucker #Chair by #Michael Wolk #Design Associates.

#Leather #furniture by #Michael #Wolk Design Associates.

Leather furniture accommodates the family

Hip, Modern Bachelor Pad

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Friday, July 20, 2012


For a streamlined, "less is more" home, a contemporary style is the way to go. Characterized by clean lines and a minimalist look, a contemporary home feels modern, fresh, and functional — while still feeling warm and welcoming. Neutral colors are used in abundance as the backdrop for contemporary rooms. With a toned-down background, shapes and textures take the spotlight. Expansive windows, open floor plans, and lots of natural light are key characteristics of contemporary home design.

The home designs on my post today are by Michael Wolk, one of America's leading designers of corporate, residential and hospitality interiors, as well as furniture and furnishings collections for many of the country’s most prestigious manufacturers. His award-winning work has been published in numerous regional, national and international publications.

Exterior extends the look and feel of the interior.
Light from the open ceiling and minimalistic interior creates spaciousness.
Minimalistic hallway adds calm to an interior.
A simple yet tasteful home office is a refuge.

Egg shaped portal to this white bathroom.
Matrix inspired glass walk bridge in 2 story apartment.

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Residential Interiors by Michael Wolk

One of my favorite Miami Interior Designers is Michael Wolk. He believes in
Making Design Matter. Making implies action. His creative process doesn’t end in thought or discussion – it ends in creation. Every idea is developed to its fullest potential. Design is what he makes. Anyone can create something functional, and anyone can create something beautiful – but true design will always accomplish both.

"Design is design; everything else is everything else".  And he makes design matter, in the sense that it needs to be physical. It transcends fantasy and speculation; it is exciting and inspiring, while remaining firmly grounded in the reality of time constraints and budgets. View and enjoy his work:

Integrating the outdoors in:

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