White might be simple, but never dull.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Today I am sharing some of my favorite interiors that I have found from searching the internet, Pinterest and other home design sites. There are so many great home design sites and as part of my daily education, I view them and learn what other designers are doing. So here is a tour of the main rooms in any home.

My mantra is apply a "less is more" approach to your home but think of it as your haven. A place where you, your family and guests will feel comfortable and uncluttered by stimulus and yet inviting. 

Keep in mind that a peaceful home embraces minimalism.
But, don't forget the details.

White is simple but never dull, especially with a high beamed ceiling for detail.
A good balance of farmhouse with simple clean more modern lines.

If you have the space, this shower is amazing!
This shower/tub also requires space, but keeping it white makes it feel more spacious than it
actually is.
The wood wall mounted vanity with white walls and a simple glass enclosed shower
makes this contemporary bathroom feel inviting.

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