White might be simple, but never dull.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Apply a "less is more" approach to your home but think of it as your haven. A place where you, your family and guests will feel comfortable and uncluttered by stimulus and yet inviting.

Today I am sharing some favorites interiors that I have found from searching the internet. There are so many great home design sites and as part of my daily education, I view them and learn what other designers are doing. So here they are.

Keep in mind that a peaceful home embraces minimalism.
But, don't forget the details.
Wood slated wall divider juxtaposes the white brick.
Wood panelled curved ceiling with simple white.
Eames chairs are a perfect addition.
All white with wood floors and a wood planter for interest.
The brick wall extenuates the modern clean lines of this bathroom.
Below are some fabulous yet simple bedroom and kitchen design ideas. And don’t forget to view my 98 other posts which include lighting, flooring, window treatments, specifics on bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, nurseries, teen rooms, home office, feng shui, lofts, built ins, home libraries and so much more.

All the right elements: black wood floors, concrete wall, clean white kitchen and a fabulous chair.
Industrial glass door in a white + stainless kitchen with light wood floors is perfection.
A simple white kitchen with a heavy light wood table adds character.
Adding just a touch of color to a modern white kitchen.


Even a stairway can have clean lines.
Floating wood stairs in a white stairwell.

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It's all in the details; like this sliding barn door.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


The powder room - it’s one of the smallest rooms in the house, but it’s also the room that typically sees the most traffic, especially when you’re entertaining guests. 

Today, the powder room is no longer just about function and picking out a basic sink and toilet. The design can be unlimited. Manufacturers make wall mounted sinks and toilets to save space and as I always preach “less is more.”
Below are some ideas of what you can do to make your powder room a modern room that is inviting.

Conventional decorating wisdom suggests that lighter colors make a small room feel bigger, so think white or gray or even taupe for your powder room. (Refer to my previous posts on color palettes, lighting, window treatments, larger bathroom ideas and flooring).

Despite the room's small size, many mechanicals must be included. A professional designer can look at the overall size of the room, take the mechanicals into account, and create a floor plan that maximizes space.

Start by looking at the rest of your house. Determine your design style and imagine how your new powder room will fit in with the rest of your home. To spark new ideas and keep you current on trends, flip through magazines or visit home improvement web sites or blogs. Articles on recent room makeovers and new bath products can help you determine which elements you want to be part of your room. Look at Pinterest, Remoldista or houzz for ideas.

 To make a powder room hospitable, accessorize. Add art to walls, arrange small vignettes on the countertops, and provide little luxuries like finely milled soaps and rich lotion for guests to use. The one thing a powder room doesn't need much of is storage. Anything a visitor needs from hand towels to extra toilet tissue should be in plain sight. So put the lights on a dimmer, light a wonderful candle, and the next time someone asks to use the bathroom tell them yes, without hesitation.

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Thursday, April 19, 2012


Storage is a common problem for most homeowners, but with effective well designed built-ins, problem solved!  Built-ins are custom-made for each space, maximizing every square inch of your home. They can turn empty, unused space into hardworking home offices, drawers, shelves, or even entertainment centers. Essentially, built-in storage units can add hundreds of square feet to your home.

 There is nothing that puts your square footage to better use than built-ins. It could be a desk framed within a seldom-used closet or a bookcase tucked into a niche under the staircase, or drawers in your staircase, built-ins maximize every available inch of your floor plan. They handily transform the dead zones under stairs and below and above windows into functional space and help you get organized by adding new storage options without adding footage to your home. You can design them to tie in with other architectural elements in the room, such as crown moldings and wainscoting. Fitted with doors, they help maintain the integrity of your style by concealing modern amenities.

Make the most of hallway walls for storage. These bookshelves serve as decoration and a home library.

Built-ins are a great way to add character, function, and storage to a room whether your taste is traditional or modern. Custom, built-in furniture can make the most of every inch of your home. Built-ins are secured to the wall(s) thus saving the usual few inches required with free standing furniture pieces. Their custom nature makes the options endless and the configurations more flexible for your particular space. 

Consider the measurements you'll require. For instance, do you have a bunch of coffee table books you'd like on shelves? Check out their heights and widths to figure out what you'll need. Remember that books look good stacked as well as standing upright. I recommend having your carpenter make the shelves adjustable. Likewise, for cabinet storage, measure games and other items to make sure they will fit.

Even make the most out of your child's room with built ins.

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