White might be simple, but never dull.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Today, I’m focusing on apartment balconies, roof tops, gardens and terraces. So many of us have great design ideas for homes, but apartment dwellers deserve the luxury of integrating the outdoors “in”. Whether you live in a big city like New York or Chicago or a smaller city like Miami or anywhere in the world; apartment dwellers are widespread.
Beach balcony in Europe.
European city roof top.
Brooklyn roof top.

The personality and feel of every home is seriously influenced by its relationship with the exterior. In the case of large residential projects, this indoor-outdoor connection is easy to accomplish, especially if there is a garden involved. But what can one do when confronted with a limited living space? A solution to this problem would be arranging an outdoor area that would be connected with your interior home design. Whether we are talking about a balcony, a roof top, a garden or a terrace these pictorial examples should serve as a starting point. There are many diverse arrangements, most of them suited for modern apartments, but there are some interesting traditional designs as well.

A city garden for outdoor entertaining and relaxation.

A simple yet elegant beach view balcony.

Outdoor space offers the opportunity to merge indoors and outdoors and to bridge the well-planned activities of a home’s interior with the generally looser functional performance of your exterior terrace, roof top, garden or balcony. Remember yesterday’s quote: “One aspect of living a sustainable lifestyle involves becoming more connected to the natural environment…”


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An effortless beach view balcony.
A city balcony that extends the kitchen, perfect for a light meal or coffee.
A Zen city balcony for relaxation and enjoying the views of the park below.
New York City terrace filled with year round shrubbery and a table for morning coffee.
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Monday, January 30, 2012


“One aspect of living a sustainable lifestyle involves becoming more connected to the natural environment than has frequently been the case over the last decades. As we have come to depend on conditioned air more and more, we have become separated from the outdoors with its natural sounds, smells, light shifts, breezes and other sensory stimuli.” 
By Lawrence W. Speck, FAIA, PageSoutherlandPage

Outdoor rooms offer the opportunity to merge indoors and outdoors and to bridge the well-planned activities of a home’s interior with the generally looser functional performance of exterior spaces. They may be covered or open or somewhere in-between. They might have a wide variety of edge conditions from solid walls to glass walls to partial walls to rails to complete openness. They might be called terraces, patios, porches, decks or balconies, but to really fulfill their most complete role, they need to be fully useful and habitable. 

The most important thing to remember when designing your outdoor living space is to blend the look and feel of your home’s interior into the exterior.
Whether you are buying a home, renovating, have a small city garden or a balcony; you should consider enhancing your outside living area. Again, it will allow you to appreciate the outdoors; the beautiful flowers, greenery or views in a comfortable setting. 
Special thanks to for this fabulous outdoor retreat.
Whether your home is traditional or contemporary, the outdoors will enhance your space.

Incorporating a view into your outdoor living space is as relaxing as a garden.
A city roof garden will increase your living/entertaining space.

Terraces, patios and decks have always been a great opportunity to enjoy indoor/outdoor living. You may be entertaining or just relaxing, but consider that your deck or terrace can always become a special place where you connect with nature without really parting with comfort.
Consider an arbour as part of your outdoor design.
Stone work and decking make for a special outdoor space.
Entertaining in your large garden.

City garden in Chelsea, New York.

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Sunday, January 29, 2012


            White might be simple, but never dull.             

White is the color of purity. White means kindness. White reflects light and ultimately, a white palette can open up a room, create an inviting space, and provide a platform from which furniture, art, and accessories can really pop. Strictly speaking, white is not a color, but the manifestation of the presence of all color - the complete energy of light.

There is something so refreshing about an all white room, so crisp and clean. When we come across images of white rooms they can seem so appealing  – an antidote to our busy lives. These rooms convey a feeling of simplicity.

There are several factors that create a beautiful all white room. Consider the shape and design of every piece, this is critical, since the form of the furniture or accessory really stands out. Each piece must be selected with great care. Then, you must be aware of creating layers of interesting texture in these rooms so the rooms don’t feel “flat”.

Whether you home design is contemporary, modern or more traditional; in your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room, home office or even a child's room, white works!

In a city loft all white feels spacious and yet comfortable.
Never forget the importance of your all white hallway.
All white is gender and age neutral for your child's room.
All white works in every corner of your home.
White washed doors add texture to this all white room.
An all white studio apartment feels more open.
A traditional white bedroom feels relaxing yet elegant.
This contemporary home is white inside and out.
A great combination of contemporary & traditional blended in all white.
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Unique use of space in a white country home.