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Thursday, February 23, 2012


Loft homes are hubs of artists, professionals and even urban families. They offer a wonderful refuge with liberal breathing space and infinite design possibilities. The wide open space inspires the occupants to think creatively and splurge on design ideas. It is quite critical that these urban havens be designed according to strict preferences and personality-based specifications. 

A typical loft is large and roomy with high ceilings and large glass windows, sometimes full length windows. There are structural columns that divide the space but they do not necessarily suggest the layout of the area. These columns can be utilized as partitions but they can also provide a rhythm of vertical lines that can add to the general theme of the interior.

Most ceilings are tall and exposed, allowing pipes and beams to be visible. In lofts, it is better to incorporate the pipes and beams to the ceiling design than to treat them as separate entities. They can be painted white or even black to create a unique disarray of lines and shapes or wood for a rustic look.

In a two story loft, the stairs leading to the balcony can be the focal point of the space. The balcony rails can be of glass or reflective metal sheets to create an uninterrupted illusion of space.

The bedroom can be exposed or if you do want a separate sleeping area, then low-wall partitions or floor-to-ceiling folding panels can be used. 

Lofts are generally spacious with minimal obstructions in the layout so the furniture pieces to be used should contribute to the openness of the space. They should be in neutral colors to blend with the rustic charm of the interiors or they can create an explosion of colors, surprising the bare white walls and ceiling. Furniture pieces can serve as area dividers for separating interior spaces. 

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