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Friday, February 10, 2012


Going through several laundry room pictures can inspire you to build a fabulous laundry room in any separate area of your home. You can derive functional ideas for your laundry room simply by studying the photos displayed below. 

A perfect laundry room is one that is located on the ground floor, garage or basement. It can be combined with your mud room or utility room or for a lucky few, as a separate room. Or if building/renovating a home, be sure to provide space for a functional laundry room.

Even a little consideration on your laundry room design can prove to be extremely useful in increasing the utility of the room. Create a nice, open and clean environment, thereby making the unavoidable laundry chores less frustrating.  .

Laundry room organizers include items like laundry sorter bins, carts, garment racks, baskets, laundry station, wall mounted collapsible hangers, ironing board holder and iron caddy, etc. But you can be creative and fill your utility/laundry room with additional storage cupboards for storing anything from your fancy dinner plates (that only come out a few times a year) to beach towels or canned food and bottled water.

Installation of laundry room cabinets can help a great deal in making your utility room better organized and efficient. They are usually available in materials like plastic, metal, wood, veneer and melamine.
They come in all shapes, sizes and colors. And varying prices! (Home Depot or Lowes are great places to start looking).

I know it all sounds so uncreative, but if you get creative, your laundry room will be both useful and pleasant.

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