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Sunday, February 19, 2012


 Converting your attic (or loft) into space that  is habitable means your family has more room and it also increases the value of your home financially.

Your attic may be a bedroom for guests or for a member of your family, it may be a family room or home office. But whatever room you choose to create be sure it has great design style, even if the room is quite small. 

Making good use of the space in your attic room is important so your design theme must be uncluttered and light. You can try a ‘minimalist’ interior design theme which will make the room look more spacious, or just a simple contemporary style. Or perhaps a simple cozy, comfortable space.

 If you desire a decorating style that looks great and enhances your life, consider employing the ideas of Feng Shui. (Refer to my previous posts on Feng Shui). Arrange furniture away from your doorways, since you’d be surprised to discover how much straightforward access to and from a room could make it feel larger. A large mirror can also increase the look and feel of the size.

Small or medium sized furniture is your best bet when decorating a small attic room. (Refer to my previous posts on scale and proportion).

When painting your new room consider white, ivory, taupe or light grey. (Refer to my previous post on lightening up a room or choosing a color palette). You may also want to consider a monochromatic room to increase the feel of it’s size. (Refer to my post on designing in monochromatics). 

Just because your attic room is cozy doesn’t mean it can’t acquire an interesting interior design style; it fundamentally requires a little creativity and imagination.

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