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Monday, January 9, 2012


 The literal translation of "a room with a bath" has evolved into a more technical description where a "full bathroom" is comprised of four plumbing fixtures: bathtub, shower, toilet and sink. Using these four essential elements; it is up to you to mix and match these elements  to transform a utilitarian room into a peaceful private spa, a glamorous spot to put on make-up, a place to shave or just indulge in a long bath.

The first rule of a contemporary designed bathroom is minimalism: clean lines and clean counters are essential.  Relaxation is the epitome of a modern, calm bathroom. It can be achieved in a variety of forms. Whether it is the shape of the bathtub that makes the difference, the inspiring decorative objects, the sink or the view that can be admired; your bathroom should have something in common with relaxation.

Your bathroom needs to be stylish and convey the modern look of your home.  Modern elements should be incorporated into the design of your bathroom space if you wish to show off your original style. The modern bathroom has clean, but bold lines, while the interior elements are minimal. A common trend is the use of white or glossy white. 

 Another thing that you should also consider when you think about your modern bathroom design idea is the lighting. You cannot imagine how important it is. (Refer to my post on lighting). Just like the colors, the lighting has the same functionality to affect your emotions and feelings. Always try to allow natural light to flood your bathroom whenever possible.

Amazing natural light!

Actually if you wish to give your bathroom a modern and contemporary look, the options are really endless. 
A luxurious zen feeling!

A country house with a modern twist.

For a few lucky ones, a spacious room with a view.

Smaller bathrooms can use natural light wisely.

An apartment bathroom can be sleek and contemporary.
Even your smaller apartment bathroom can be stylish.

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