White might be simple, but never dull.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Multitasking Apartment Living Room

The multitasking apartment living room, whether it’s large or small can be a challenge, but when done correctly your space will look and feel more spacious; if your choice of furniture is balanced to your space. Good design sense deals with form and function. Work with creating a pleasing environment through interior space manipulation and planning.  Configure your space to make it more functional.

In an apartment your living room is often a multi tasked room, so keep it comfortable yet stylish. When selecting furniture for your apartment, choose pieces that have a more open design. Some living rooms are little more than a coffee table where the mail gets tossed and a sofa to collapse on each evening. Others are too stilted and formal to be of any real use. 
And then there are the living rooms that combine the best of both worlds, and allow for both relaxation and entertaining. This living room really knows how to live.
 Your living room should be designed for comfort, yet gracious and formal enough for hosting even the most important parties.

Always remember,  “less is more”.

This loft is sleek yet bold!

This duplex is homey yet sparse.

Keep your living room light and balanced.

White is always a good choice for smaller spaces.

A larger apartment can have divided space. 

White plus lots of light gives the illusion of more space.

Even small living rooms can multi task if they are kept simple.

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  1. White makes everything look bigger and spacio, that is whay it is my number one choice. Last year I got an apartment in buenos aires when I travelled to Argentina and I asked the real estate lady to get me a place that was all white. She did a great job!

  2. oak dresser

    Wow, now they look really good & stylish!This living room really knows how to live.

  3. I love the really modern looks of those living rooms. When it comes to apartmentsyou need to think of the overall design.