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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy 2012!

May we all have a Happy & Prosperous New Year!
Here are 2011 homes we can all aspire to! 
Grand yet sleek entrance hall!
2011 Award winning home in California
Outdoor living with fabulous view!
Large outdoor kitchen for entertaining
2011 award winning home
Pool with Bay view in Miami
Let's talk in the New Year!

My Favorite Post 2011 with added Pictures

Add a Pop of Color to your New Year!

Give emphasis to a neutral room by adding a few smart hits of color.
Accent walls can be a powerful design choice in your home. They break up the traditional look of having four walls that are painted the same color. They draw your eye to a particular part of the room. And they give you a chance to play around with color in your house in a new way. A brightly-colored wall should only be added to a room where the other three walls are white or neutral. Or, you can also use a darker shade in the same color family (as the lighter other walls) to pull attention to one wall or area.
You can also use accent pieces or accesories for a pop of color.

Be careful with color...This one works!

One bright wall can change everything!

Dark & Bright really works here!
A neutral room with one bright piece of furniture

The purple wall works with the mustard chairs, 'cause all else is neutral.

Just a touch of bold color. Perfection!

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Friday, December 30, 2011


Halls are pathways between living spaces, but they can be much more than this. Instead of seeing your hallway as just a way to get from one room to another,
 look at it as a gallery to display all that you love.
 Displays of treasured and found items bring vibrancy to a home. They give guests a glimpse into your life. By effectively using shelving, artwork for wall space or furniture (depending on size of hall), you can display the objects you love most. The hallway is a key place to do this. A key to successful hall gallery display is using a common denominator, such as color, a material, a shape, or a theme, to unify the pieces. Grouping elements in odd-numbered groups, usually three to five pieces, creates an eye-pleasing display. Varying the heights of the elements adds interest. 
Display collectibles by creating small groupings on an art shelf or within shadow boxes. Choose items in the same color family to create unity within the display area in your hall. Whatever look you choose, don't skip over the hallway when designing your home. It can prove to be the unexpected gem of your personal space.

And always remember: less is more!

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Thursday, December 29, 2011


Interior design deals with form and function. It works by creating a pleasing environment through interior space manipulation and planning. You reconfigure a space 
to make it more functional and more pleasing. 

Laying out a room design can be easy. Figuring out how far away to place objects is dependent upon your specific circumstances of the rooms use. Here are a few suggestions to make the room more accessible to everyone. The following numbers are mostly for small rooms. Use your discretion and common sense.
1. Leave about 19" between your sofa and the coffee table.
2. 40" for chair pull back space around a dining table.
3. Busy traffic lanes should have at least 36" for people to get in and out and around furniture. 
4. The bed requires a space of 18-24" for changing the bedding.
Traffic throughout your home determines how much room is needed and these numbers are just a guide to help you plan your room layout

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


If you happen to be a book lover or a voracious reader, it is likely that you have built up quite a collection of books over the years. Home libraries help you organize your book collection, make it easier to find books, makes reading more fun and helps relaxing within the comfort of your home. Here are a few tips to design your home library.

While building a home library the three basic elements required are: space, shelves and books. You can either build a new room or choose an existing room to house your books or if you have limited space, get creative!
Most any room will do, think: recessed or built-in bookshelves or floor-to-ceiling storage and save space. You can also mount bookshelves onto the wall or buy glass cases, which might be preferable if your collection includes antique books that you want to preserve. Any shelving can be tucked under staircases or other out-of-the-way spaces. Freestanding bookcases are widely available in a variety of sizes, colors and price points.

And, as your bookshelves creep up the wall, you may need a library ladder to reach them!

Modern living room lined with floor to ceiling bookshelves.

Two story entrance way lined with book shelves. 

Bookshelves that are designed as part of this contemporary living room.

Floor to ceiling bookshelves with a skylight.

Utilizing the stairwell!

For a lucky few, a 2 story modern library/living room.

Modern yet peaceful; two story library with garden view.

Apartment dwellers can always find space for books.

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Friday, December 23, 2011


Is it an interior door or an entry door? You have much more flexibility with inside doors; you needn't consider the elements. When choosing an external door, keep in mind that it will be battling the elements.Doors are the entry to your home, the entry to a room in your home and the element that secures your privacy. 

We take doors forgranted, but they are an intricate part of your home design. Doorways create vital connections when open; admitting light, views, and breezes, as well as people and pets. When closed, solid doors create privacy. Like windows, they're a key part of any wall's composition, and they're often focal points. That's why architectural designers choose a door style with great care.
There is a demand for old exterior doors when a quality restoration is being undertaken, and these can be found in the stores of specialized antique dealers.
Contemporary doors are there to be functional as well as stylish. The concept of what is considered modern design in architecture focuses on the idea of the form following the function, that the design should be based on the purpose. 

An entry that makes a modern statement.

A wooden door with clean lines for a contemporary house.

An old country door for a stone cottage.

Wood and glass make a modern statement.

A simple door for a country cottage.

A traditonal yellow door is very inviting.

An ancient door in Italy.

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