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Thursday, December 22, 2011


Whether you are the owner of a home-based business, a virtual worker, or you simply want to establish a space in your home to handle the demands of your off-site business, carving out a home office can help you be more productive. 
 Choose a suitable space and assess your technology needs beforehand so that your new home office is compatible with your needs.  
The optimal office setup for your business will depend upon your personal and occupational needs. Those with limited space might choose to set up in their bedroom, living room or kitchen, while those with a basement or an extra room may choose that space. Try having a room or space that is separate from daily household commotion, and one with a door is optimal. Being able to seclude yourself, being in an "office frame of mind," has to be a conscious decision. 
Your work environment should be a reflection of you. 

( Tomorrow we will discuss feng shui for your home office).
Simple, clean work space

This stunning desk and chair is all you need

A desk and shelving will suffice

All you need is a small separate space

A lucky few have a room allocated for their home office

Make your work space part of your traditional Living Room 
Built-ins are optimal for a small work space

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